Pim Clinics have been established in Caversham, Reading for two generations, and are currently practising at the Kidmore Road Clinic. 
We offer the very best treatment care for lower back pain, neck pain, cervinogenic headaches, sciatica and joint pain. Our first class Chiropractic care is based upon Dr Richard Pim's 25 years of experience gained in continuous practice and treating a wide range of conditions. All Chiropractors who practice at the Pim Health Clinic are registered with the General Chiropractic Council. 
We also offer under one roof a range of other treatments including acupuncture, remedial massage and Hypnotherapy
When it comes to Chiropratic care our clients receive the best treatment from a recognised practitioner in Berkshire, providing a solution that suits your pain and condition. 
Our rooms to rent facility offers medical practitioners the use of a quality facilites within the Reading area at reasonable rents from short term to long term contracts. 
Please ask about our free initial consultation option which is available by appointment at certain times. 
For all these services please contact us on 0118 9471115 or use our contact form to ask us to contact you or ask us a question. 
What is Chiropractic? 
Chiropractic care treats Acute, subacute and chronic low back pain, Migraine, Cervicogenic headache, Cervicogenic dizziness, Extremity joint condition, Acute/subacute neck pain, Chronic neck pain, Sciatica. Chiropractic is a branch of the healthcare sciences and is the third largest primary healthcare profession in the world after conventional medicine and dentistry. 
Founded in 1895 by Danial Palmer who treated janitor for a condition by spinal adjustment / manipulation with dramatic results. Danial Palmer realized that as the spine was the main highway for the central nervous system any damage to it could interrupt or restrict the flow of instructions carried along it to the brain and therefore lead to symptoms in any part of the body. 
Palmer opened the first college of Chiropractic in 1898, which flourished despite initial skepticism. Today Chiropractic treatments are commonplace around the world with around 2,500 chiropractors working in Britain alone. 
Doctors of chiropractic are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of joint and muscle disorders which are a major cause of irritation to the nervous system. 
Many people from pregnant women to athletes to the elderly can benefit from Chiropractic care. 
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